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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Veterinary referral?

Yes. All patients require a signed veterinary consent form in accordance with The Veterinary Surgeon's Exemptions Order whether your pet is attending for fitness or rehabilitation. We work closely with your primary veterinary practice to promote improved mobility, restore function and ultimately improve your dog's quality of life. Veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy is indicated in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine and not as a stand alone alternative treatment. Should we have concerns, we will always refer back to your veterinary surgeon. 

What is your new patient procedure?

Sessions are by appointment only. If you would like to register your pet as a new patient, please download a veterinary consent form below. Once we have received your signed consent form along with a copy of your pet's medical history we will register you as a client and arrange an initial consultation. If you have any questions, contact us via telephone or email. 

Can I claim for my treatment on my pet insurance?

Some pet insurers cover for complementary therapies, including veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Check the small print of your policy to see if you are able to claim for our services. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept direct claims at this time. 

What's the difference between swimming my dog in a lake and hydrotherapy? 

Our hydrotherapy sessions take place in an underwater treadmill (UWTM). This is a temperature controlled environment whereby the therapist has control of the water height and speed of the treadmill belt. This is especially important in post-operative cases where functionality may be reduced or in cases of injury or disease. In open water swimming, such as in a lake, most dogs will rely on their forelimbs to swim. The use of an UWTM targets the whole body and can the treatment can be tailored to each individual patient. 

What if my dog doesn't like swimming?

Getting into a body of water can be difficult for dogs that are nervous or unfamiliar with water. Our underwater treadmill fills slowly from the bottom of the tank. This makes the process far easier for dogs nervous of water as they often don't realise until the water is around shoulder height. We use plenty of positive reinforcement during our sessions, this includes treats and toys to create a positive environment for patients. 

Can I stay during my dog's session?

Of course! Dogs are far better with their owners present to reassure them. 

How long do the sessions last?

This depends on the reason for your appointment - fitness, maintenance or rehabilitation - and if it is an initial or follow-up consultation. On average, sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Veterinary Consent Form

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Exemptions Order (2015), all patients must be deemed suitable for physiotherapy or hydrotherapy by a veterinary surgeon. Veterinary surgeons may also refer directly, for more information contact us. Please use the download button below to download our Veterinary Consent Form, you will need to fill in your pet's details before emailing a copy to your primary veterinary practice. 

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